Things I wish I knew before traveling to Vietnam

Making a trip to another nation with a totally unique culture is a troublesome yet extremely compensating experience. This sort of experience permits you to become familiar with some important life exercises and expand your perspective. Nonetheless, this can likewise be a horrendous encounter, particularly in the event that you run into tricksters or another sort of difficulty. This nation is somewhat unique in relation to its neighbors in Southeast Asia and there are a couple of things to know before visiting Vietnam. It’s not all that touristy, there aren’t numerous touristy seashores and a great many people don’t communicate in English. Subsequently, you ought to intellectually set yourself up before visiting so as to completely grasp Vietnamese culture and make the most out of your excursion. Here are a few things I wish I knew before visiting Vietnam.


Things to know before visiting Vietnam: Everyone’s a millionaire!:

I’m certain there are many lost spirits visiting Vietnam attempting to make sense of the incredibly high transformation rates here. Right now, 1 EUR = 26,716 dong and 1 USD = 22,714 dong. This implies 100 USD is worth more than 2.2 million Dong and it’s sheltered to expect that all individuals in Vietnam have more than 1 million Dong.

The great part: coins have been nullified in 2011. The terrible part: you can undoubtedly stir up the 500,000 Dong bill and the 50,000 Dong bill. It’s the equivalent with the 100,000 Dong bill and the 10,000 Dong bill. The dependable guideline is to attempt to remember charges as indicated by shading, yet again the 500,000 bills and the 20,000 bills have a comparative shade of blue. Indeed, good karma with that.

things to know before visiting vietnam

The price for everything is… whatever you agree to pay for it

Something to know before visiting Vietnam is that you ought to anticipate individuals (particularly road merchants) to build the cost when they want to get more cash out of you. In case you’re originating from the Western side of the equator, actually, many individuals will attempt to remove as much cash from you.

You may even beginning feeling like a mobile ATM! I know it’s difficult to get a handle on this, yet they’re not really attempting to scam you. Vietnamese are instructed that the Western nations are the ones to fault for the entirety of their issues and that we “owe” them. So they will attempt to imagine you consented to a more exorbitant cost, give you back less change, and so forth. What’s more, they anticipate from us to go through cash when visiting, and when you attempt to deal, they get steamed and treat you ineffectively.

Hanoi street

Don’t Book anything Online in Vietnam

Be prepared for the weather

Da Lat hidden gems in Vietnam

The South and the North have an alternate atmosphere, which can make traveling to Vietnam complicated. In Northern Vietnam, the dry season is on from April to October, while in South and Central Vietnam, the dry season happens among December and April. So you ought to be ready for the two seasons when visiting. Additionally, Hanoi has four seasons, remembering cold and muggy beginning for November and finishing off with January and sweltering and clingy summers. Ho Chi Minh, then again, has just two seasons: a hot and dry season and a rainstorm season with high mugginess consistently.

Shop outside vacationer locale

Evade cafés, bars, and keepsake looks around the French Quarter in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Escape the zone encompassing the fundamental vacation destinations and you’ll locate the best eateries with legitimate food and in particular, neighborhood costs. You can likewise get all the brilliant customary garments and the most paramount gifts, again at lower costs. Local people in these territories aren’t so used to vacationers and you may get a couple of bizarre looks, yet you can set aside a great deal of cash and have an unquestionably more valid experience.


Crossing the street is an art in Vietnam

.Motorbikes are pretty common in Asia but Vietnam still takes motorbike traffic to a whole other level. In Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City the traffic is so chaotic that crossing the street can literally be the hardest part of your day. A general rule of thumb is to wait at a place that looks like there is supposed to be a crosswalk. The next step is to pray to God, gather your courage, and go for it. If you still can’t do it, just wait for some of the locals to cross the street and follow them. They’ll know what they’re doing.

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